Pinksterlanddagen; an anarchist festival 17 till 19th of may 2024.

An anarchist festival that takes place every year on the campingterrain ’tot Vrijheidsbezinning’ in Appelscha during the Pinksterweekend. It is a gathering for anarchists and everybody who is inspired by anarchism. The weekend is filled with workshops, lectures and discussions about anarchism and the social struggle. There is a special and fun program for children and in the evening there will be a cultural program. The Pinksterlanddagen has been organised for over 90 years and became a place for alot of anarchists to come together.

The way the PL practically works fits to her ideology; everbody shares a responsibility in running the festival. Some arrange the general planning, others give a workshop, some people cook, build everything up or keep the place clean. The PL is organized on an alcohol&drug free anarchist camping. We respect their ways and benefit from it since we find it keeps the general atmosphere better.

We are working towards a different kind of world, a society without authority in which everybody has a voice. We are looking for people who share this view and would like to participate to that world. Come to the PL and talk to the 500 visitors of the festival. Step on the stage of the Pinksterlanddagen. You can arrive at the camping from friday the 17th of may and the camp closes its doors on the 19th – on this last day help is welcome with breaking up the campsite and cleaning the camping.

People who want to participate or help can email us: pl@puscii.nl or send a message to our insta: pinkster.land.dagen