Will the workshops be in english?

Some workshops will be in dutch, some will be in english. If you attend a workshop and tell the people who are doing the workshop that you don’t understand or speak Dutch, mostly people will look for a solution. This will be either finding you a translator (somebody attending the workshop who is willing to translate) or doing the workshop in english alltogether. Please don’t hesitate to ask, if you don’t make yourself clear, the people giving the lecture or workshop might not ask and that would just be very uncomfortable for you. The entire weekend is about learning, sharing, empowering and enjoying so there’s nothing weird about wanting to participate.

Where do I sleep?

It’s a camping, so you’ll have to bring camping gear like tents and sleeping bags. There are showers, toilets and everything every other camping has so don’t worry about that.

Can I take my dog?

Sorry, no dogs.

Is it fun for children to come?

It’s superfun for children to come. Every year a lot of children join the Pinsterlanddagen and there’s a two day program (sat and sun) all day especially for them. The Kinderpret collective makes a wonderfull program for them with excursions, workshops, story telling, cirucs and yoga. Check the ‘kinderprogramma’ page for the entire schedule.