Community response to interpersonal violence

How to react to interpersonal violence in our communities?

We are told to call the police and rely on the criminal justice system to address violence within our communities.  However, if police and prisons facilitate or perpetrate violence against us rather than increase our safety, how do we create strategies to address violence within our communities that don’t rely on police or prisons?

Community accountability is one critical option.  It is a community-based strategy, rather than a police/prison-based strategy, to address violence within our communities.  And is aimed at preventing,  intervening in, responding to, and healing from violence through strengthening relationships and communities, emphasizing mutual responsibility for addressing the conditions that allow violence to take place, and holding people accountable for violence and harm. This includes a wide range of creative strategies for addressing violence as part of organizing efforts in communities when you can’t or don’t want to access state systems for safety.

SoliGroup is a group from Nijmegen that has been working with community accountability strategies to react to interpersonal violence in communities. On the Pinksterlanddagen they will give a dynamic and interactive workshop on these matters. The workshop is in English.