History of anarchist music and musical culture

Music has always taken an important place in the lives of humans and as long as there has been music, there has been music of social struggle.
Throughout history such music of struggle shared aspects with our modern day anarchism. From 1850, and into the present day, truly Anarchist music has been an important part of for both our movement and us as individuals.
By sharing examples of anarchist musical culture from mostly English speaking world, Southern Europe, Latin America and the Netherlands from 1850-2019 we hope to show what constituted this anarchist music: What was the music about? What styles where used? Who performed the music and how inclusive was it? What where the roles of music in anarchist culture? How was it performed? What infrastructure did anarchism create for musicking? And more!
We hope you join this interactive lecture with loads of music & passion and we look forward to talk about your interactions with anarchist music and how it has helped shape your life!