Sexism, racism and other discriminatory behavior in activist collectives

Sometimes you enter an activist or anarchist space and you feel uncomfortable, not welcome and not empowered to voice your opinion or discuss your ideas. Spaces where you are supposed to feel more comfortable because people state that they are striving towards a non-discriminatory world or towards creating a space where everyone is welcome. Yet, underlying power structures that are present in society are often hard to break loose from, also in these communities.

Feminist initiative Kattenkwaad will host a workshop on sexism, racism, ableism and other discriminatory behaviour in anarchist and activist groups. This workshop will focus on sharing experiences with each other, to discuss what we have been through and how we can deal with these situations. We organise it from an ‘open space’ perspective, which means that there is no set questions to discuss, but everyone is welcome to introduce questions, and to answer them. We believe that we don’t hold all the answers, and together we know way more.

The workshop will be open for everyone who feels like they experience or have experienced discriminatory behaviour. Women’s and non-binary identifying people their voices and experiences (particularly lesbians and bisexual, women of colour and transwomen) are going to be prioritised throughout the workshop. We hope that no one who wants to join the workshop engages in racist, homophobic, transphobic, ableist, ageist, classist, sexist or other exclusionary behaviour, including any and all forms of shaming, erasure, and victim blaming. We will interfere whenever we do feel like that is happening and we hope to create a space where people can share if they want to share or not their experiences and approaches to deal with these situations.